Trade Guns
K3 Blanket Gun
K4 Blunderbuss
K6 Canoe Gun
K7 Chief's Grade
K8 Club Butt Blunderbuss
K9 Club Butt Fowler
K11 Early English Trade Gun
K15 French Fusil Fin ‘Type C’
K16 French Fusil Ordinaire ‘Type D’
K17 French Tulle fusil de chase
K39 Musketoon blunderbuss
K40 Northwest Trade gun  
K49 Brass French Tulle
K50 Club Butt Blunderbuss Maple                        

K1 Appalachian Barn Gun
K5 Buck&Ball
K10 American Colonial
K41 Penn Dutch Barn Gun
K51 Colonial Fusil Fin
K52 Fusil Fin
K57 Virginia Fowler


Rifles & Smooth Bores
K2 Appalachian Poor Boy Rifle
K5 Buck & Ball Fowler
K12 Early Lancaster Isaac Haines
K13 Early Penn Germanic Jaeger Style
K14 Early Pennsylvania Transitional Rifle
K19 Jaeger Rifle in Walnut
K31 Jacob Dubbs Lehigh Rifle
K32 Late Lancaster Long Rifle
K34 Left Lancaster Early Style
K35 Left Poor Boy
K36 Lehigh Valley style Pennsylvania Long Rifle
K37 Lehigh Valley swamped Penn Long Rifle
K41 Penn Dutch Barn Gun
K42 Tennessee Bean
K43 Southern Mountain Fine Rifle
K44 Sothern Mountain Poor Boy
K45 Southern Mountain Poor Boy 45
K46 Tenn Poor Boy Squirrel Rifle
K53 Virginia Smooth Rifle
K54 Penn Smooth Rifle
K55 Verner Rifle

K38 "Michigun"
K47 Tennessee

Ladies or Youth Guns
K2 Appalachian Poor Boy Rifle.
K20 Kids Squirrel Rifle
K22 Ladies Lehigh
K23 ladies long rifle
K-24 Ladies or Youth Rifle
K-46 Tenn Poor Boy Squirrel gun

P2 Colonial Pistol in Silver
P4 Colonial Pistol
P9 Trade Pistol
P10 French Tulle  Pistol
P11 French Type D Pistol
P12 North West Trade  Pistol

Hand Crafted Possibles
Rendezvous Chairs
Custom Powder Horns
Healing Salves & Cremes


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Order and Estimate Work Sheet
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Welcome to Sitting Fox Custom Muzzleloaders,

The symbol of the sitting fox within a circle was used as an assurance of consistent quality in the early days of the fur trade. It was stamped on the gun locks and even on the gun stocks as a sign of quality of workmanship. The traders, trappers, native Americans, and immigrant settlers came to look for this symbol of value before parting with their very hard earned money, furs or goods. By supplying a quality product at a fair price the fur companies continued to grow and prosper for several hundred years as one of the first and most successful commercial enterprises in the new territories. Trade Guns so marked, built in England, were imported by the thousands and distributed from Florida to the Yukon.

Sitting fox Custom Muzzleloaders is proud to be a part of this rich tradition. Incorporated in 1996 by Ray Franks, Sitting fox Custom Muzzleloaders has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of Muzzle loading parts in Michigan. Located in the “thumb”of the state in the heart of the rich history of the fur trade and lumber camps we stand ready to help you with any of your custom muzzle loading needs.

We specialize in custom muzzle loading parts for builders and have taken a rather different approach to helping our customers with their needs.

The catalog pages that follow will contain one of a kind offerings. Each set of parts is unique to that specific rifle or smooth bore and we may only have one of them. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the various styles, Sittingfox Custom Muzzleloaders has done the research and assembled the correct styles of parts and supplies to help our customers end up with a finished product they will be proud of. We're not going to ask you to dig through piles of parts or bins of barrels to find something you hope will fit. We've already done that, and as we find each treasure, we can pass it on to you. Each kit is assembled in the correct style and fit. By that we mean that whether it has been inlet or not the butt plate will fit the dimension of the stock, the triggers will fit the trigger guard and the barrel will fit the stock. That doesn't seem like to much to expect, but when dealing with suppliers from all over the country there are a lot of different choices out there. We deal in both machine cut gun stocks, and hand carved stocks. Some are fully inlet for specific parts while others are left more unaltered to allow more versatility. Read the descriptions carefully. It will contain the specific information about that offering. The pictures shown can give you a pretty good idea regarding style but some actual parts chosen may vary some as some are hand made. It's easier and quicker to change descriptions than it is pictures. Some projects require more work than others. The more you can do, the more you can save.

For you first time builders we have included a “Helpful Hints” page that will give you an idea of the tools and skills needed and the scope of the project. We're only as far away as Email or the phone.

Custom gun building services are also available to furnish assembled guns for you to finish, or completed custom guns made to your specifications. Sittingfox Custom Muzzleloaders has supplied custom guns to customers from across the country. We have included an “Estimate Worksheet” so we can communicate specific needs, cost and time frames, and handle written orders.

Sittingfox Custom Muzzleloaders also offers finished guns for sale. You will find current offerings with pictures and descriptions in the “Finished guns for sale” section.

Sittingfox Custom Muzzleloaders has a large inventory of custom parts on hand for builders. We have also included a directory that includes sizes and appropriate styles for matching up butt plates, trigger guards side plates, toe plates, and patch boxes.

Sitting fox Custom Muzzleloaders has SPECIALS for your consideration from time to time. We like the unusual, so as we find really cool stuff or really good deals, we like to share them with you. Sometimes it's just more of something on hand than we will ever need or to much of a good thing we couldn't resist. Check our this section.

Sitting fox Custom Muzzleloaders also offers custom “Rendezvous Chairs” and boxes. Each chair is hand crafted in your choice of Oak, Ash, Maple or Poplar. Each is “Wood Burned” by hand with artistic renderings of woodland animals, birds of prey, buck skinners, personas, maps or whatever you can find a line drawing of.

You can have your choice of what is on hand at any time or chairs can be custom ordered. They make great gifts or prizes and look terrific in the family room or camp. Each half slides into each other for easy storage or transport. Each one is unique and one of a kind. We also offer fine custom wood bowls, boxes, canteens, water jugs and furniture hand crafted and finished by local artisans

Sittingfox Custom Muzzleloaders is proud to offer custom hand crafted powder horns from horner George Turner. Each horn is unique and authentic with engraved art and wording from the golden age. Each custom horn is finished in a rich aged patina, a hardwood cap pegged and beeswaxed and uses a hand forged iron staple for the strap. Pictures of these horns don't do them justice, as it's hard to photograph a curved piece of art, but we'll describe them with word pictures too. Custom horns can be ordered to include your name or persona and make a great gifts for someone really special.

“Where Ya Goin” is our attempt to meet some of our customers face to face. We'll try to list the various events time allows us to attend. Besides, if we can save you some shipping and handling, we're both happy. Hope to see you there.

“What Cha Doin” is our attempt to keep our customers up to date on what kind of projects we're into and how it's going. Right now its getting this web site built, up and running, and updated. Thank you for your continued patience. We're always interested in ways we can improve to better serve you.

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