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Northwest Trade Gun #K40



The Northwest Trade Gun is one our most popular kits and one of the easiest to complete.

This is the gun traded throughout North America for over 300 years. It developed as a standardized pattern produced by over 100 different makers throughout England and across Europe. Traded and stocked by the American Fur Trade Company, the Northwest Company, the Mackinaw Company and the Hudson's Bay Company, it was the workhorse gun for Indians and settlers alike.

The originals were light, often small and easy to handle. Barrel lengths varied between 30"and 48".Being smoothbores of approx 20 to 24 gauge they could bring down anything from a moose to a squirrel. They reflected the originality of their owners and were often adorned with brass tacks, beads, bits of glass or mirrors, rawhide repairs or wire.

The most recognizable feature was the stylized cast sea serpent side plate. The thimbles were made of thin corrugated brass with no entry thimble. The butt plate was simple sheet brass bent 90 degrees and nailed to the stock with square head nails into the 1800's.

The trigger guard was forged from iron with an oversize bow to accommodate heavy  mittens and allow a two fingered pull. They were attached to the gun by use of a distinctive long tang screw from the bottom just ahead of the bow, up into the tang.

 The stocks were fashioned from hardwood and finished with a gloss varnish. The large locks used were either round or flat faced heavy duty models finished bright and fastened by 3 screws until the 1800's. The sitting fox from which we derived our name was often stamped into the face of the lock and even into the stock as an assurance of quality.

The versatility and light weight of this firearm made it a favorite the Indians for hunting and war. It remained virtually unchanged for almost 300 years.


 The Northwest Trade Gun kit from Sitting Fox is a great first time building project that gives you a historically correct smoothbore for hunting, reenacting, woods running, trekking, shooting competitions, or just fun on the woods walks.

 The stocks are hand crafted from grade A maple or American walnut and mated to an octagon to round tapered barrel available in 20or 28 gauge smooth and standard lengths of 36" and 42". These quality barrels come already breeched and indexed and feature 12" flats to a nice wedding band and taper. Underlugs and turtle front sight can be soldered on at an additional charge. The lock area is left uncut to allow your choice of Davis large trade lock, L&R Queen Anne or flat Trade lock. Left handed shooters will use the L&R left Queen Anne. These can be inlet for you at a modest charge as can the simple trigger.

The kit includes all the parts you will need to complete this gun, a cast brass serpent side plate sized to fit your lock, 3 side lock screws, thin brass ribbed trade gun thimbles, formed brass butt plate and your choice of square head nails or screws for attachment.

The trigger guard is hand cut and formed from steel and includes the extra tang screw. Finishing this kit is fun and rewarding. You can't go wrong and it will have your personal touch just like the originals.

Everything you need to complete this project is only $559 in maple and $599 in walnut.

Completely assembled "in the white" guns are available on order for $959 maple or $999 in walnut.

Completely finished Trade Guns are available on order for $1059 and $1099



















Everything you need to complete this project is only $559 in maple and $599 in walnut.


Completely assembled "in the white" guns are available on order for $959 maple or $999 in walnut.


 Completely finished Trade Guns are available on order for $1059 and $1099





Ray Franks

PO Box 135

Mecosta, Mi. 49332